Environment Monitoring

HSE Integrated offers environmental monitoring solutions to meet regulatory requirements and maintain community relations.

HSE Integrated’s Environment Monitoring Units offer truck-mounted, mobile downwind air quality units equipped with the industry’s fastest gas-response-reading equipment.


Mobile Environment Monitoring Units (EMU)


  • Manned mobile unit to stay positioned downwind of emissions source
  • H2S and SO2 detection down to 1 part per billion (ppb)
  • Technology compliant with Alberta Air Monitoring Directive
  • Non-routine emissions, AER Directive 60 and AER Directive 71 applications


CARMEN (Computer Aided Remote Monitoring with Event Notification) Stationary Monitors


  • Solar powered remote stationary monitoring with minimal site requirements
  • Detects H2S and SO2 to levels below 1 part per million (ppm)
  • Wind speed and wind direction measurement
  • Real-time data transmission to our web portal, as well as internal logging
  • Automated voice callout, SMS text and email alarming
  • Non-routine emissions, AER Directive 60 and AER Directive 71 applications


Meteorological (Met) Tower


  • Portable self-supporting towers for meteorological monitoring at 106’
  • Solar or line powered
  • Wind, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and solar radiation measurement
  • Internal calculation of PG Stability class
  • Automation of conventional flare management decision trees
  • Data uplink for real-time plume dispersion modelling applications
  • AER Directive 60 flare management and site specific meteorological survey applications


Fugitive Emissions Surveys


  • GasFindIR HSX Infrared Optical Gas Imaging camera surveys
  • High Flow Sampler measurement of detected emissions
  • Pre-turnaround planning, post-turnaround QC and fugitive emissions surveys
  • Infrared Training Center trained thermographers
  • AER Directive 60 and CAPP Best Practice compliance

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