Safety Consulting

We have a diverse team of OHS professionals committed to health and safety excellence. We provide quality, value added, and cost effective services to clients to improve their overall health and safety performance.

Our OHS professionals can help identify safety solutions that make sense for your company. Whether you require an individual resource or a full complement of resources, we’re dedicated to developing, implementing, and sustaining safety management systems to protect corporate assets. Our OHS professionals work with organizations to provide the most contemporary OHS services in the market today.


Our team provides services in the areas of:


  • OHS System and Program Development
  • Modified / Return-to-Work Programs
  • Contractor Safety Management/Evaluations
  • Job Safety/Hazard Analysis Development
  • Site Specific OHS Plan Development
  • OHS Assessments, Audits & Inspections
  • OHS Leadership Coaching
  • Safety Committee Consultation, Training and Evaluation
  • Incident Investigation & Analysis
  • Hazard Identification & Assessments
  • Safety Certification Services (NS/NB/PEI)

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