HSE Videos: Emergency Response Services

Blowout Recovery & Emergency Response

Industry works hard to prevent catastrophic events such as oilwell blowouts and refinery fires. However, when these events do occur, HSE is ready to respond quickly and effectively with the best combination of equipment and manpower.

HSE has a range of specialized services for oil and gas well drilling and completions, as well as for other heavy industries that demand a swift reaction in emergency situations. HSE’s Special Services Department consists of seasoned industry professionals with decades of experience in North America and internationally. HSE also has Canada’s largest fleet of safety equipment, able to mobilize quickly from multiple locations across North America.

  • Blowout contingency planning 
  • Emergency response planning and execution 
  • Well control and blowout recovery 
  • Emergency firefighting 
  • Hot tap services 
  • Freeze services 
  • Specialized and standby fire protection 
  • Supplemental services and equipment such as medical, air quality monitoring and self-contained emergency showers

Click below to see a video presentation of the following services :

Special Services
Emergency Response Services
Blowout Recovery Services
Well Control Services
Freeze Services
Hot Tapping Services 
Medical Services
Environment Monitoring Services

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