HSE Integrated has operated continuously over the past 20 years bearing witness to multiple economic cycles. Our expertise comes from years of knowledge through hands-on experience acquired by our personnel who operate from coast to coast; they are what make us different from any other company. No matter where we operate or what market we serve, our people will not compromise on ensuring that your dedicated team of HSE professionals is ready to provide you with the services you need.

HSE believes that the successful execution of work for each service zone is based on the successful communications and alignment of systems that coordinate the movement and utilization of equipment and personnel.  For this purpose, our execution plan emphasizes the necessity of constant communication between Client and HSE personnel. It is critical for the success of any projects that HSE Integrated key project personnel establishes an immediate relationship with Client representatives at a corporate level to ensure contract and policy needs are met as well as Client’s specific project owner, supervisors and all other individuals involved on-site. Weekly progress meetings with all involved parties and appropriate documentation of progress to be shared with Client throughout the pre project and final mobilization phases.

As a recognized leader in the safety industry, our focus is to ensure that all stakeholders including our staff, clients and the community share our passion to maintain and continually strengthen a positive safety culture with a priority of getting everyone home safe at the end of each day. We work with our clients to ensure that our customized Health, Safety and Environmental strategies surpass governing legislation and industry practices to create the most effective outcomes for our customers.