Special Services

HSE Integrated has a team of highly skilled and experienced Hot Tap and Freeze services personnel and the equipment to help our clients when conventional methods are unavailable.

We provide a range of specialized services for oil and gas well drilling and completions, as well as for other heavy industries that demand a swift reaction in emergency situations for hot tapping, freezing and advanced blowout and well control services.  HSE Integrated’s Special Services Department consists of seasoned industry professionals with decades of experience in North America and internationally.


Hot Tap Services


  • HSE’s hot tap drilling enables operators to access pressurized, or potentially pressurized, piping or vessels while maintaining pressure control. The process is widely used to facilitate re-entry and abandonment, establish bleed off ports, or provide access for well-kill procedures. Hot tapping is typically used when no other options exist, and has proven to be a safe and integral means of pressure control.


Freeze Jobs


  • When conventional pressure control equipment fails to function or the integrity of equipment is in question, temporary pressure control can be established with HSE’s freeze service. This process involves creating an ice plug to serve as a means of primary pressure control to facilitate repairs or modifications to equipment. With the use of dry ice and a water/gel mixture, the procedure requires no kill fluids and is non-threatening to fluid-sensitive formations.


Applications for this unique process include:


  • Valve change-outs
  • Wellhead replacements
  • Pipeline repairs

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